If there’s one thing that East Texas knows, it’s excavation. But if there are two things we know, it’s excavation and service! With over a decade of experience, and a track record for providing the best services in North and East Texas, it’s no wonder we are your number one choice for demolitions, excavations, and more.

Together with our friendly and knowledgeable staff, the best equipment, quality, and prices, plus the same amount of care and attention to detail you would give your own project, you’ll be glad you called the top Dallas Excavation and Demolition company – East Texas Excavation – for all your demo, land clearing, gravel, and dredging needs.

Here are just a few of the many award-winning services we offer.

East Texas Services: Demolition

At East Texas Excavation, we know demo. From small-scale burn-outs to large commercial demolitions and clearing, we’ve done it all before. As your top demolition company in Dallas and Fort Worth, East Texas Excavation is the answer to your demolition needs.

There are many different ways to demolish homes and other out-of-use buildings. Let us use our extensive experience to find the best route to demolish and clear away the buildings or structures you no longer need.

Just tell us what you need and we will deliver.

Whether you need house or trailer demolition, East Texas Excavation is one of the top demolition contractors in Dallas and we’ll get the job done with the quality and service you deserve. From small projects to large commercial jobs, we are able to turn your un-wanted old home or trailer into clear, open, usable space, so you can utilize it in new ways that will help you reach your goals.

East Texas Services: Excavation

East Texas Excavation has years of experience working with large-scale excavating machinery to make sure your needs are met quickly and with the quality you expect from your number one excavation company in Dallas.

It’s right in our name!

We are your trusted, local, and experienced excavation company, meaning we know what we’re doing because we’ve been doing it for over a decade. No matter your location or the size of the job, we are the right fit for you. We can handle projects ranging from large land reformation and clearing to excavations for new builds or even just a new driveway.

East Texas Services: Site Development & Utilities Dredging

If you need a flat, even space for your new build, winding driveway, yard, garden or something else entirely, we offer premiere site development and land clearing services. Just tell us your plan and we can make it a reality.

Need a new utility line? We can make that happen, too, because East Texas Excavation is so much more than an excavation company. We have experience in all utilities, including water, sewer, gas, electric, and telecommunications.

Contact us for a free quote or to learn more.

East Texas Services: Asphalt, Sand, & Gravel

We are equipped and experienced in providing asphalt, sand, and gravel services for all of your construction needs. In fact, our asphalt and concrete services can make your next project fast, easy, and convenient.

East Texas recently purchased a gravel pit to better serve our client and community’s needs – and with no intermediary, we make the process even more convenient. We know we bring the best pricing, services, and quality to our customers, so we decided to cut out the middleman, saving you even more!

If you have asphalt, gravel, or concrete service needs for your next development, demolition, or excavation project, then call on your local leaders in asphalt, sand, and gravel.

East Texas Services: Land Clearing

Our land clearing services have been helping business and homeowners in North and East Texas for over a decade. So, the next time you need your land cleared for an upcoming project, get in touch with us – the trusted choice.

We pride ourselves on delivering the best land clearing services in our local area. And when we say we are your local land clearing company in East Texas, we mean it! Eastern Texas has been our company’s home as well as personal home for many years.

That means we know the area, we know the needs, and we love growing our services to match our growing community.

Do You Need Other Services from East Texas?

East Texas might specialize in the above services, but we also regularly work with drainage systems, concrete, tanks and ponds, driveways, and more! Whatever your job, East Texas Excavation can help you finish it faster and with quality.

Give us a call for a custom free estimate for your next job. Compare us to the competition – we know we’ll win!