Finally, winter is over, spring is here, and summer is quickly approaching! And though we love summer for many reasons, did you know the best season for demolitions is actually early or late summer, too?

This is because the weather is usually more predictable (and by the end of spring) less rainy as well. Choosing a time with milder temperatures can help the machinery and the demolition team get the job done safely. And without all the fall debris and leaves, the job is often cleaner and therefore quicker as well.

Here are some of East Texas’ favorite reasons why summer is demolition season!

Rain, Rain, Go Away – Come Again After Demo Day

We aren’t saying you can’t have a demolition in the rain – because you certainly can, but storms are another beast entirely. If there is even the chance of lightning, thunder heard in the distance, or severe weather warnings in the area, then your demolition might just have to be postponed until nature cooperates.

Avoid the stormy season and give your calendar a better chance at staying true by scheduling your demolition in early or late summer.

And though this is a busy time for East Texas, we are sure to work out a time that works for you and our team – weather permitting, of course.

Additionally, if you are looking for land clearing or excavation services, be sure to watch the radar as well. Wet ground is more prone to cave-ins, which can be a major concern for the excavation team, depending on the job and scale.

Milder Temperatures Mean Major Demolitions

Just like most construction or excavation jobs, temperatures play a factor in how quickly the job can be completed safety both for the demolition team, and the machinery.

Most machinery used can withstand high temperatures, but with the Texas sun beating down – both our contractors and our machines can sometimes need extra precautions. That’s why East Texas loves early summer before the full force of the Texas heat drives down, or late summer after the worst of it has passed.

Additionally, working in summer ensures there will be no frost or deep freezes to contend with either, which can also cause machinery malfunctions or a slower pace. And because we can both about safety and efficiency, too cold or too hot weather is never ideal.

Luckily, temperature ranges from roughly 50-90 tend to work very well, which is quite normal for early and late summer.

See the handy chart below for temperature averages in the DFW area throughout the year:

Late Fall Means Late Deadlines for Many Demolition Projects

East Texas strives to always be on time, professional, and provide quality service, and after over a decade of serving our community – we’re known for fulfilling our promises.

However, sometimes weather (as mentioned above) or seasons can slow down our process, making our quotes lengthier and sometimes pricier. One such example is often in late fall after all the debris has fallen and trees are more brittle.

Sometimes land clearing, site development, excavations or demolitions can require a little extra work in the fall in order to leave your land clean and ready for the next step.

Of course, this isn’t to say fall is a bad choice for your next demolition project, as the mild temperatures and little rain often make it ideal – you’ll just have to expect a little extra cleanup to be involved.

What’re Your Favorite Seasons for Construction, Demolition, and Excavation?

East Texas would be happy to perform your next demolition or excavation in the spring, summer, fall, or winter.

Do you have a different favorite season for your own construction jobs? Maybe you like winter because it’s cool, or spring so you have the whole year ahead of you – whatever your favorite may be, let us know!

Give us a call to learn more about our services, or to receive your own quote for our services. And be sure to check back on our blog often, as we are updating often to bring you the latest demolition news.