East Texas might be one of the best demolition companies in Dallas, but we do much more than just demolitions – like clearing and cleaning your land to get ready for spring.

Whether it be for site development or a better utilization of your land, our spring cleaning gets the job done so you can forge ahead with your property project as soon as the weather permits.

Land clearing can be used in many ways, but most commonly in the springtime, our land clearing jobs involve a lot of debris removal and construction preparation.

Here are just a few of the services and benefits that the land clearing and spring-cleaning services of East Texas can bring to your next development.

Land Clearing & Debris Removal

Land clearing can mean many things, from large to small jobs, from removing the remnants of a building to removing brush and trees, hazards and rocks. Luckily, East Texas has experience with all land clearing jobs.

We have worked on large corporate projects as well as individuals’ land to ensure that each of our clients receive the very best in land clearing services.

We want to make your project go as smoothly as possible, and as land clearing is the beginning to almost every new construction or adaptation project, we do our best to make that first step an easy one.

If you need your land cleared for an upcoming project, then get in touch with us to save time, money, and all the hassle of the other guys.

We have over a decade of experience and expertise in clearing land for specific purposes. And we would be happy to help you begin your next project.

Site Development & House Pad Prep

If you are looking to do some spring cleaning of your land for site development or house pad prep, then East Texas can make your dream a reality in less time.

Whether your site development is for a new build, driveway, yard, or additional building on your property, we offer premier site development services.

Even if you want your land developed for a tank or pond installation, a water feature, footbridge, or other landscaping design, we can help.

And if you had your land cleared but still need some work done to prep the space for the project to come, then give us a call! We are happy to make up for the services that others lack.

Or talk to one of our team members about our competitive pricing – we won’t be beaten!

Excavation & Drainage Systems

East Texas Excavation – it’s right in our name and it’s been one of our specialties for over a decade, meaning you can rest easy knowing that an experienced team is performing your excavation project.

In the springtime especially, a combo of services is often needed when excavating land. Often, as the land thaws, drainage systems or dredging may be needed in addition to excavation, especially before utility lines can be put in place or house pads can be squared up.

From personal to city drainage systems, we’ve seen, worked with, and installed them all. So, if you find yourself in need of a drainage system this spring, you can count on us.

East Texas commonly works with clients to perform both excavations and drainage system installations in the springtime, and we would love to add your project to our repertoire.

Check out some past projects here to see our quality and scope of work.

Do You Need Your Land Prepared for the Next Step in Your Development Plan? East Texas Can Help!

Spring is the time when many construction jobs restart, or when construction and development plans begin afresh. Make sure you’re ready for the season’s change with land clearing and property spring cleaning from East Texas.

Whether your job is commercial or residential, a fast turnaround or a lengthy project, we have the experience, services, and equipment to make your project get off without a hitch.

Additionally, we can help with demolitions, utility dredging, sand and gravel, concrete and asphalt, tanks and ponds, driveways, and more.

We truly are your one-stop shop, which is what makes us the best in Dallas for all of your land clearing and development needs.

Give us a call today to learn more at 903-372-3767. Or email us at info@easttexasexcavation and ask one of our friendly team members about a custom free estimate. Or connect with us on Facebook.

Go ahead, compare us to the competition – we know we’ll come out on top with the lowest prices and the best services around.