There is something wonderful about the clean slate of a New Year. Of course, we will all be messily scratching those 2018s into 2019s for the next couple of months, but besides that, the transition into a New Year seems quite natural.

With a New Year also comes new projects and East Texas Excavation couldn’t be more excited to get started and help you create the outdoor living space you’ve always dreamed of.

After all, New Year, new you, new yard – it just works!

2019 should be the year of improvements, both personal and possessed. So, let’s start the New Year with a new yard and begin 2019 a little greener and with a little more life and function!

Sustainable Beauty

Choosing durable options for your new yard is important to your wallet and your world, and East Texas want to support sustainable beauty in 2019 with your help.

Even if you have a large area, there are sustainable options for your build, demolition or development, and our team can help make your plan a reality.

Whether you choose to utilize your land with low-maintenance garden space and drought-hardy plants or to use land clearing to create outdoor living space, we want to help you choose the best sustainable option for your environment.

Water Features For the Zen in You

Did you know that water features can be functional and beautiful?

With East Texas Excavation you can have your cake and eat it too – or your drainage system and love it too!

We can install drainage systems that go unnoticed or use tanks and ponds to create lovely water features that also serve a function on your land.

And don’t you worry about the scale, as we have completed jobs on private property as well as entire municipal drainage systems.

We have experience in all areas of land development and can surely find an option that fits your plans.

Take a look at some of our past projects here.

Gardens With More Than Just Flowers

When we say garden, most of our customers think of flowers or plants placed for their looks, but this doesn’t have to be the case for you and your new yard in 2019.

You can use your outdoor space to make an edible garden too! From herbs and peppers to salads or even fruit, your new yard can support your kitchen in so many ways. And East Texas can support your new harden in so many ways!

Don’t think you have the space? East Texas can come in and help with our awarded site development services or even land clearing services to make sure you have all the space you need.

Don’t let your outdoor space go un-used, instead, take back your outdoors with land clearing services from East Texas.

Quality Over Show-Stoppers

Unsurprisingly, quality is the true show-stopper of the New Year, meaning that more and more of our customers are interested in quality work, materials and end results rather than over-the-top yards and features.

If you want a space you can use for outdoor living, new construction or better functionality, then you need to be sure you partner with a company that puts quality overindulgence.

Consider using natural materials for a beautiful look that will last the test of time both in style and wear.

East Texas loves helping our customers decide on what they want their land to be for them, and we have designs and ideas for every budget.

So, whether you know your needs or are still getting drafts together for your outdoor space, we can help you every step along the way.

East Texas is Your Best Choice For Your New Year Yard Project

What if you have a huge amount of space you need cleared, developed, demolished or dredged? East Texas can still help!

We work with large and small projects, from city drainage systems to single-story demolitions, to water features and residential bridges.

So, regardless of the scale of your New Year project, or the size of your land or yard, we are ready to use our experience, skill, and top of the line products to get your job done.

Contact us today for your free estimate or meet with our team to learn more about the options your land has for you!