East Texas is your #1 Dallas excavation and demolition company for good reason, but did you know we do so much more than dig and destroy?

We are also your top choice for driveways, tanks, ponds, land clearing, sand and gravel, utility dredging, drainage systems, concrete and asphalt, and so many other land development needs.

Why do we do it all?

Because we want to serve you in the very best way that we can, and that often means constantly changing, learning, and developing our skills further to meet the needs of our clients.

We have been doing what we do and making happy customers for over a decade, giving us the experience you deserve and the confidence that we’ll get the job done right the very first time – satisfaction guaranteed!

We maintain the highest level of professional care and responsibility, which means we can guarantee our work with certainty, knowing that we never let our customers down.

But enough about us, let’s talk about you, and your next project!

Driveways for Days

Do you need a driveway created? Maybe you aren’t quite there yet, but you need land cleared to make room for your future driveway.

Crescent drives, double lanes, materials, shapes, and curves – there are so many options!

But then where do you begin?

You could go around getting quotes from all the companies, having them come out and tell you all the difficulties they would face for your particular situation, and follow that up with all the extra costs it would incur.

Or, you could come to East Texas and get a no-nonsense quote, plain explanations, and quick and quality execution of the project.

Of course, shopping around for quotes for your new driveway is just fine, even encouraged. However, we know what the most affordable option is – and we know it’ll be us.

Regardless of how many quotes you get, your driveway is the pathway to your home and should look exactly as you want it to look. After all, a driveway is a part of your property’s overall landscaping.

We would love to make the perfect road to your home, with the perfect style at the perfect price.

So, if a driveway is in your future, don’t hesitate to call or visit East Texas Excavation!

Top Tanks for You

Do you need space for a tank in your yard? Do you need utility dredging of another kind?

If so, then you’re in luck! East Texas has been dredging utility lines for years and we have the top-of-the-line equipment to prove it.

Whether you need water, sewer, gas, electric, telecommunications, or more dredged, East Texas can do it for you in a quick, clean, and affordable manner.

We have a passion for land and site development, and we would love to help get your site ready for its big day.

Don’t know what type of tank you need? East Texas can help with that.

Don’t know what the next steps are? We can help with that too.

The Purpose of Ponds

Ponds can serve many purposes, from landscaping to drainage to recreation. But creating a pond out of thin air can be tricky if you don’t have the right know-how and equipment.

However, if you have always dreamed of having a pond on your property, either for aesthetic or use, then consider us your pond poise experts.

If you need drainage into your pond, ditches or retaining walls, we’ve got you covered, as we’ve done it all before.

Check out our past projects here and let us know if you see something you like.

Have more unique or specific needs? We’d love to hear about your plans and give you a quick and accurate quote.

We want to make your pond serve whatever purpose you desire. And we want to make your next project, our next project – that’s why we do it all, and that’s why we guarantee it all!

East Texas Excavation is Your Number One for Your Next Project

We always want to be your number one choice, because we are always striving to be the very best excavation, demolition, and land development company in Dallas.

So, whether you want a clean new driveway, a tank or utility line dredged, or a pond on your property, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t put your project off any longer, give us a call today.

As your trusted, local, and experienced site development company, we’re looking forward to making your plan a reality!