Concrete may not seem like the most versatile product for your property, but you would be surprised what can be done with such basic construction trappings when you have a creative eye and a job in mind!

From pavers and unique driveways to reusing products for fully new purposes, even planters, outdoor furniture and garden or yard edging, concrete is truly the building block of so many home and land projects.

Take a look at East Texas Excavation’s top six concrete ideas for your next creative project and comment below if you have ideas, inspiration or questions – we are here to help make your next project a success!

6 Ways to Use Concrete

Though there are many more than six ways to use concrete in your yard or on your property, here are our favorites for the fall and beyond.

Unique Pavers

Of course, you can use brick or stone to create your pavers leading up to your house or shed, but those can be quite pricey and might not give you the unique style you are looking for.

Instead, consider a concrete style with forms to give your yard the individualized look you want. You can design the forms and end-shape in any way you wish, leaving you with a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Want an extra touch? Have an edge of gravel or small stones to further showcase your walkway before your grass or garden begins

Garden or Yard Edging

Following the trend from above, a great option for some extra flair on your land is an edge around your garden, yard or even parallel to a walkway.

This can define, organize and add some real visual fun to your land or yard. Though you can use many materials for edging, concrete is more permanent and affordable, leaving you with a beautiful statement without busting the bank.

You can even choose seamless concrete if you would like one trail without any breaks or forms.

New Patio Styles

From new lines and forms on your patio to using concrete to create unique and durable patio furniture, there really are no limitations to what you can do with concrete for your outdoor living space.

Beyond the traditional square or rectangle features normally seen on patios, think geometric, think unique. But if traditional is your preference, then add extra square footage and value to your home by pouring a patio that will last like brick or stone but is a great budget-friendly alternative.

If you like the traditional shape but still want some pizazz, you could always ask your experts at East Texas about cement colors, stains or pavers. We love finding new ways to help you reach your outdoor living goals.

Driveways, Driveways Galore

Ah yes, the most traditional use of concrete or cement – the driveway. The entrance to your garage, the pathway to your home. But just because everyone has one doesn’t mean yours has to be drab and dreary, quite the opposite!

You can choose new designs, colors, styles and shapes that old-school concrete companies wouldn’t ever dream of. You can revitalize an old driveway or bring in a fully new one.

Straight, double, curved or turn-around, your driveway is a statement and can be as individualized as your home.

Concrete Walls and Blocks

The above ways of using concrete might be some of the big trends we’re seeing, but that doesn’t mean the conventional uses aren’t still standing tall as well! And by standing tall, of course, we are talking about cement or concrete block walls.

These can be for land definition, a retaining wall or simple decor or even privacy, but the diversity in concrete barrier walls is vast, giving you the customization you have been looking for.

House Pads and More

Finally, maybe you are looking at a bigger project than a mere patio or driveway, maybe you are looking for land development on a grander scale, like say, for a new home, shed, suite or add-on?

If this sounds like your next big project, then you’re in luck!

East Texas is the very best in land development, land clearing and house pads (as well as driveways, sand, gravel, concrete and asphalt, but we digress).

So, if your next project is starting from the ground up, give us a call and see what we can do for you! We’d love to make your next concrete project, our next project.