Every year there are new changes, new trends, and new growth in the way individuals and companies decide to develop their land – and why shouldn’t there be! Site development is becoming more strategic, more efficient and more on trend now than ever.

This means that now is a great time to build, clear, renovate or update as the future trends are looking much the same. But what should you do to stay up-to-date with the current trends in site development?

Well first, you should read the top 2018 site development trends below.

Second, decide if one is right for you, your home, or your business.

And third, give East Texas Excavation a call to make sure you get the very best in service and quality for your job!

This Year’s Site Development Trends

The Suburbs are Back

Data might have shown a decline in suburban life in the recent past, but these stats are quickly turning around! Are many Millennials moving to the city – yes. Are the feared Generation Z moving to the cities – also, yes.

But is everyone? No!

Suburbs are seeing a rise in builds, moves, and renovations, meaning that land development in suburbs is seeing a climb as well.

So, get ready to prepare those house pads, as the suburbs are making a comeback!

Mixed-Use is In

Speaking of those Millennials and Gen Z moving toward the urban hubs, a trend we’ve seen growing for years links directly with the younger generations’ moves.

Mixed-use housing and developments are booming. Meaning that areas with both residential and commercial spaces housed together are popping up all over cities.

Who wants an apartment or condo above a movie theater or urban grocer, a brewery or retail center? Apparently, everyone.

Green Technologies are Growing

Customers are looking to save money, but this is hardly new. What is new is their choices in how to do so, and the fact that it just may help out the environment as well, another popular topic of 2018.

So, what can you do? Explain your green processes to your clients and customers. Explain the cost-benefits of your green practices and offer to partner with companies who offer green technology as well.

Green Space for Cities

Community development is as much about the community as the development, so you have to listen to both the dollar signs and the people.

In this case, this means conservation easements, or land set aside for green space, engage space, and community space.

This also calls for extra irrigation, a site development factor that is often overlooked. Don’t be that guy – get your green space looking, well, green.

Do your research on community development, because this can be a soaring point, or a huge flop for site development companies in the near future.

Smaller Homes – Slightly

It’s all about quality, not quantity, and this includes square footage. Buyers are not against smaller homes, but they need functionality.

Site development jobs for individual or families might be shrinking in acres, but not in number, which means more landscaping, driveways, house pads, and irrigation.

This means to offer quality service even for smaller jobs, as lots might not always be large and in charge, especially going forward.

Mixed-Income is Moving In

Mixed-income is growing more each year, allowing for more families to live in more areas. This is drastically different than the luxury apartments of the past, which greatly limited who could live ‘downtown’.

Mixed-income housing and apartments allow for a greater population to be reached, giving you more ability to develop areas previously out of reach to the common man.

Do You Need Your Site Developed? There’s Still Time in 2018!

Land development might have not seemed trendy to you in the beginning, but the above 6 trends might have just changed that.

If you need some land or site development, give us a call at East Texas Excavation, as we demolish the old, develop the current, and bring in the new. All with our customer satisfaction guarantee.

We can’t wait to start on your next project!