It can be difficult to know what to look for in demolition companies in Fort Worth TX, but it doesn’t have to be. East Texas Excavation knows just what you’re going through as we’ve been involved in many demos over our decade of experience.

We want to make sure you get the best experience with the very best demolition company in Fort Worth, TX. This is why we have compiled some key questions you should ask your demolition company before you decide to let them get started.

We want to make sure you are fully prepared, so we’ve added some warning signs and items to avoid as well. We hope that after our East Texas Excavation and Demolition guide, you’ll be confident in choosing the best demolition company in Fort Worth, TX for your project.

So, read on for the downlow on demo!

Questions to Ask Demolition Companies in Fort Worth, TX

Is a full demolition needed? This is a great starting question, as you want to know what all can be done for your space, needs and budget. Asking potential demolition companies in Fort Worth, TX this question right off the bat can help you know your options, as well as know what their knowledge and experience can lend.

What are your safety measures? It goes without saying that any reputable demolition company in Fort Worth, TX better put safety first. Whether pertaining to their guys or yours, make sure they can clearly tell you their safety measures.

What do you do with the debris? There is nothing worse than a half-done job, but with some demolition companies in Fort Worth, that’s all you get! Make sure you know exactly how and when your demolition company will be disposing of the debris from the demolition. If they can’t tell you how it’s disposed of, chances are, you’ll be the one doing the heavy lifting.

Make sure they have green alternatives like salvaging and recycling some of the materials to keep them out of landfills. If they sell the recyclables, make sure you know where the proceeds go, as this could even help lower your costs.

What do you do with hazardous debris? Every reputable demolition company in Fort Worth, TX should have a solid answer for this. This touches on safety, knowing their permits, industry and having a plan for debris. The last thing you need is a pile of debris (some of it hazardous) sitting where your old building used to be with no clear plan.

Who will have to get the correct permits for the demolition? This is another great tester question, as all experienced demolition companies in Fort Worth should answer with a strong and sure ‘we do!’. Make sure your demolition company knows the local laws and regulations for construction and demolitions, as the fines can be hefty.

What to Avoid in Demolition Companies in Fort Worth, TX

As stated above, there are things to avoid just as there are things to look for. One such tip that you might be talking to a less-than-reputable company is a lack of care. This can be a lack of care for safety, their employees, the permits, regulations and laws of the area, etc. Make sure you trust the demolition company you will be working with, as demolitions can be dangerous.

Another great way to be sure you’re getting a good fit is to ask about pricing upfront. At East Texas Excavation, we even offer free quotes, Now that’s a sign of a good, trustworthy company!

Finally, when looking for demolition companies in Fort Worth, make sure they have a plan. A safety plan, a debris plan, a hazardous waste plan. Having an organized company will save you headaches down the road.

Do You Need a Demolition Company in Fort Worth, TX?

If you need a demolition company in Fort Worth, you’re reading the right blog! East Texas Excavation has over a decade of experience, great reviews, safety measures, permit plans, and we always haul away your debris.

You can be sure when you trust in us, that your job will get done right the first time, because at East Texas Excavation your project is our project!

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