As the premier house demolition company in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX, East Texas Excavation is the answer you’ve been searching for. Our motto is that your project is our project because we take the same time and care with your project that you would.

Maybe you think demolition companies are all the same, or that finesse and customer service aren’t high up in the construction and house demolition world, but that is where you would be mistaken.

What happens to all the debris? Will the other guys even out, clear or develop your site afterwards? Remove or recycle the house demolition’s remains or will you be left with a pile of rubble and an extra-large bill?

All Dallas demolition companies are not equal and East Texas Excavation is here to prove our worth! See below our guide to the differences and similarities between house demolitions and corporate or business building demolitions.

Dallas House Demolition

We specialize in clearing out the old and making room for the new, from small burn-outs to large land clearing and site development, we know we can make your project a reality, and all with guaranteed customer satisfaction!

There are many ways to go about a house demolition projects, or maybe it’s not a house at all but an unused building on your property – a shed or detached garage. We can make that space usable again and add value to your property and square footage or acreage to your home or yard.

Did you know that a house demolition requires permits and licensing in order to do the work above board? This means having a licensed and experienced house demolition contractor with you during your demo is not only helpful, but required! So, the best way to protect yourself from liability or injury is with a Dallas demolition contractor guiding you through the messy process.

We’ve done trailer house demolitions, burn-outs and removals, as well as larger projects. East Texas is one of the top Dallas demolition contractors, meaning we’ll get the job done with the professionalism and quality you deserve. Because your project is our project!

Dallas Building Demolition

East Texas does more than our name makes it seem. We are more than an excavation company, and more than a house demolition company, we do all that and so much more!

Do you have a business space you need demolished? Or a corporate office or new build plan that cannot move up until the old building comes down? Then the building demolition experts at East Texas Excavation are ready and waiting with heavy machinery poised to help your next endeavor.

With friendly and knowledgeable staff, experience behind the wheels and the best equipment, you’ll be happy (and relieved) you called the best building demolition contractors in Dallas.

Why are we the best building demolition contractors in Dallas? Because of our customer satisfaction goal and guarantee, our affordable and upfront pricing, and our ever friendly, helpful and educated customer service.

See how easy it is to say ‘goodbye’ to your old business building, and hello to your new beginning!

Interested in a Dallas Demolition Project? We Can Help!

Don’t put your dream project off because it seems too large or far-fetched, East Texas Excavation can handle any job you need done. We can’t wait to make your project, our project!

Call us today to get a free custom quote on how we can raze whatever you want, so you can build whatever you need.