With the outdoor season fully upon us, now is the perfect time to update your landscaping and expand your livable space outwards!

Would you like more space to create? More space for the kids to run and play? Or simply more space to relax in with the fresh air? Then maybe taking your yard to the next level is just what you’re looking for.

Whether you’re a flower-lover or more utility-inclined, a fan of multiple colors or just that vibrant, healthy green, there’s something for everyone when it comes to landscaping, because it can be as unique as you are and match your wants and needs perfectly – because you’re the designer.

As for all the work? Landscaping projects don’t have to be unpleasant, in fact, with these beautiful (and easy) ideas, you can be living in your own personal paradise in no time! And with East Texas Excavation to get you moving in the right direction, your outdoor oasis will be as easy to make as it will be to enjoy.

Still not so sure? Check out our top design trends and tips below!

Think High – Like a Garden Arbor

Regardless of the size of your yard, you can always go up. This gives the eye somewhere to climb and can add dimension, elegance, and whimsy to your garden with little upkeep and just one installation day.

Arbors can add separation into your space as well, like making a clear line between ‘garden’ and the kids’ play area, or a seating area into a wooded or floral winding path.

This landscaping separation and height make your yard seem even grander. And who doesn’t want that?

Climbing Vines for Quick Landscaping Cover-up

Do you have an area you are less than pleased with? Or a blank section of your home’s exterior you just aren’t a fan of? Try climbing vines to quickly hide a problem area, or provide more privacy without losing your aesthetic.

Climbing vines give landscaping an air of Victorian or classic beauty that can easily be paired with soft flowers and cobblestone paths to transport you into a new world (or old world) as soon as you leave your home’s threshold.

Water Features to Make a True Oasis

This can be a great idea not only for beauty’s sake but for functionality as well. Do you need a new drainage system in your landscaping? Have wet or dry spots in your yard? Then let that hindrance become a benefit with a water feature!

From a gentle stream with a traditional wooden footbridge to trickling waterfalls and ponds teaming with wildlife beyond mere vegetation, adding a water feature to your landscaping designs is a sure way to add tranquility and grace to your space.

Simple and Classic: Flowerbeds or Paths

If some of the above seem a bit of a hefty undertaking for you currently, or if you want to start small to test out your green thumb, then try a simple and classic flowerbed or flowers following a path.

Lavender is a great option as it is hardy enough to not mind being brushed as you pass, but still brings soft color and gorgeous smell to your landscaping.

Even if you only have a small amount of space, fear not, as a flower garden can be any size, shape or variety! Let your creativity rule- there’s no ‘wrong choice’ when it comes to blooms.

Add Outdoor Living or Structures to Your Landscaping

If you want to truly meld your outdoor and indoor spaces, think of outdoor living, seating or structures, such as a potting shed or greenhouse. If you have the space, you can greatly add to your livable space, and the more time you spend in your landscaping, the more you’ll want to do with it.

Outdoor living can be as simple as a sole chair to gaze out at your lovely oasis, as complex as fire pits, outdoor meal spaces and a greenhouses for your vegetable garden, or anywhere in between!

Need a Hand Getting Started in Your Landscaping Endeavor?

Are you ready to start your journey towards an outdoor oasis? Need help clearing your brush away or getting your drainage in order? Let your next project become our project! Contact us today to see what we can do for you!